Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Changes at Harvill Secker

In news that may be of interest to translators of Nordic fiction, The Bookseller reports the announcement of  a new editorial team at Harvill Secker. The team will be led by Liz Foley, who will take the post of publishing director:

Foley joins Harvill Secker from Vintage, an imprint she joined in 2002 and where she has been editorial director since 2006. She will report to publisher Dan Franklin. 

More details here.

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Eric Dickens said...

I published two book translations, both by Jaan Kross, with what was then Harvill under Christopher MacLehose, but have had little contact with Geoff Mulligan and James Gurbutt. So apart from the changes in names, this revamp says little to me.

I do, of course, hope that the new team under Liz Foley takes an avid interest in novels and short-story collections in translation. I'm not sure whether Vintage, where Liz Foley comes from, publishes many translations but I hope she is pro-translation, now she has joined Harvill-Secker.