Saturday, 18 April 2009


Absinthe is a U.S.-based magazine of new European writing, much of it in translation. Edited by Dwayne David Hayes and Jessica Bomarito, the magazine appears twice yearly. The forthcoming issue includes a survey by Copenhagen-domiciled novelist, critic and translator Thomas Kennedy of new developments in contemporary Danish writing.


Eric Dickens said...

Absinthe looks to be a very good magazine, judging by the intelligent spread of authors and countries in the eleven issues whose contents are listed on the website. The fact that it restricts itself to Europe helps define the magazine.

Quite a few of the authors there are familiar to me, and not only from Scandinavia and Estonia, but from the other Baltic countries, Flanders, Poland, Ukraine, and so on.

I'd heard of this magazine before, but had never for some reason actually accessed their website. They are not acccepting contributions at present, but I certainly hope this policy will change. I also note a few familiar names among the advisers.

David McDuff said...

I've been on the Absinthe advisory board almost from the beginning, and used to receive complementary issues, but haven't had any recently (probably because my mailing address has changed).