Friday, 27 March 2009

Lyrikvännen - Tema: Helsingfors

The Swedish poetry magazine Lyrikvännen (editor: Jonas Ellerström) has produced a double issue, 1-2/2009, focussing on poetry from Helsinki / Helsingfors. Lyrikvännen claims to be "the largest poetry magazine in Scandinavia", so poetry published in and about Helsinki will be highlighted throughout the region.

The issue contains both Swedish-language poetry and poetry translated into Swedish from Finnish. Finnish poets include Riina Katajavuori, Helena Sinervo, Tomi Kontio, Merja Virolainen and Anni Sumari; and Finland-Swedes include Stella Parland, Claes Andersson, Agneta Rahikainen, Märta Tikkanen and Catharina Gripenberg. A full list of contents can be found, for instance, here.

This, among other things, a handy way for those that can read Scandinavian languages but not Finnish to gain insights into contemporary poetry in that language, and acquaint themselves with a number of Finland-Swedish authors.

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