Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Dag og Tid

Just a quick introduction to a newspaper that has been added to the links to the right of your screen. Dag og Tid calls itself "...den einaste riksavisa på nynorsk". It is by no means entirely devoted to literature, but is a mouthpiece for those people who want write and read in nynorsk. Obviously, language politics, something that is of importance to literary translators, also features. But if you use the search facility on the website, you can find quite a lot of reviews, available online, of authors, mainly ones writing in nynorsk, such as Jon Fosse, Tarjei Vesaas and Kjartan Fløgstad.

Website: http://www.dagogtid.no/index.cfm

Recently (20th February 2009), they had an interesting article on "Den beste boka i Norden":


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David McDuff said...

The "best book" article is definitely worth reading. I personally believe that Järvelä deserves the distinction, though whether his recent book is really the "best" is a moot question, I guess...