Friday, 8 May 2009

Changes at Teos

News from Helsinki that Maria Säntti is quitting her post as editorial director of Teos, the enterprising independent Finnish fiction and non-fiction publisher which has prominent authors like Leena Krohn and Maria Peura on its list. She is leaving the firm at her own request, and intends to embark on a round-the-world trip. Her place will be taken by Timo Suo, the company's current sales director.


Eric Dickens said...

I met Maria Säntti for the first time in my life at the London Book Fair. She was friendly and nice to talk to. So I was a little surprised when I read in the newspaper that Säntti was leaving and going on a trip round the world or similar. Maybe Säntti is not leaving for good, just taking a long sabbatical.

TEOS have a good record of publishing contemporary Finland-Swedish books translated into Finnish (e.g. Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo's novel "Fem knivar hade Andrej Krapl", as elsewhere on this blog). So I hope that Timo Suo continues more or less the same policy regarding contemporary literature and Finland-Swedish literature.

David McDuff said...

Some of the comments to the Parnasso post suggest that the change may be permanent, but I agree, let's hope it isn't.

Eric Dickens said...

You mention Parnasso. I met the former editor of that magazine, Pertti Hemanus, at a friend's house. He described that he once needed to buy a copy of his own magazine in a hurry and went to one of those typical Finnish newspaper kiosks. On asking for "Parnasso", the kiosk woman thought he wanted a mag called "Porno Show". Given Vinnis bronunciation, I can well imagine this anecdote to be true.

Let us hope that Maria Säntti returns.