Wednesday, 6 May 2009


To judge by some of the feedback we've been getting recently, there has been something of a problem with embedded comments on the blog.

To try to work round this, I've changed the settings so that comments appear in a pop-up window. This is fine most of the time, except that if a link is included in a comment as hyperlinked text, it also appears inside a box-sized pop-up window, which may or may not be ideal.

Another possible alternative would be to display comments in full page format.

It would help if commenters would comment on any improvement they've noted with regard to the new arrangement.


  1. One annoying feature of the pop-up floating window is that you keep having to write your user name and password in, every time you want to post a comment. When the window was embedded at the bottom of the text, you could write your comment immediately. So personally, I'd be happy with the embedded solution.

  2. I had exactly the opposite experience - with the embedded comments, I had to log in every time, and it always failed at first go, so I had to do it twice. With the pop-up windows I don't have that problem...

  3. I'm adding a comment just to see if I can, having attempted to open a Google account. I'm not deliberately technophobic, but if there is a wrong way to do something, I will unerringly find it. Computerised tills have been known to start malfunctioning as soon as I get to the head of the queue. Must be the vibes I give off.


  4. It seems to have worked, Harry. Receiving you loud and clear. :-)

  5. I did have problems with the Comment, when still embedded, in that if you spent a long time writing it, you got a red message saying the Preview had not been accepted. But if you simply pressed the button to preview it before posting again, you got through, so to speak.


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