Thursday, 5 November 2009

Literary Dialogues

Swedish Book Review has published an anthology called Literary Dialogues: Contenporary Swedish Writing in English, edited by Sarah Death and Neil Smith. The book contains an introduction by Sir Michael Holroyd, and the featured writers and poets include Johannes Anyuru, Marjaneh Bakhtiari, Henning Mankell and Eva Runefelt. Among the translators are Sarah Death, B. J. Epstein, Tom Geddes and Tiina Nunnally. Copies can presumably be ordered from Swedish Book Review - see their website, though there doesn't appear to be any mention of the anthology there yet.


Lev said...

I'd really love to read Anyuru in English and compare translations, as I now work on my anthology of Gothenburgh's contemporary poetry.

David McDuff said...

The anthology contains quite a large selection of poems from Anyuru's "Cities of Hall", translated by B.J. Epstein.