Saturday, 4 September 2010

Göteborg poets in Ukraine

The final part of Lev Hrytsyuk's major anthology of contemporary Swedish poetry, 18 Poets from Gothenburg, is now online. This volume-by-volume sequence has been published in stages, with the last section, containing Ukrainian translations of poems by Mauritz Tistelö, available on Scribd.

This seems like an enterprising way to go about publicizing a poetry translation title, and one hopes that mainstream poetry publishers - Bloodaxe? - may take note.


Lev said...

There's one poet to follow (I wrongly counted Linn Hansén two times; she is a member of G=T=B=R=G). I apologize for my mistake, but yes, it's (almost) finished. By the way, I found a publisher wishing to print it; negotiating now. :-)

David McDuff said...

Oh well, this will make the anthology even more complete.:-)

Congratulations on finding a publisher!