Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bo Carpelan: Thirteen Poems

Over there
in foreign lands
nothing but vanity
there isn't anything
the widely travelled one
looking into the distance

Friends with the trees
friends with oneself

It peers
from the forest
from the chink in the door
the autumn crocus

The vital thread tensed
the tone sweet
breaks, suddenly

Drew out
the aching wisdom
lived happy

Ill-matched pieces
of body
to soul

Each dawn
a warning
until he believed
plunged downhill

What I fled
came back
had to seek
other ways
unfamiliar laid out by stones
towards new land

With quiet mind
silent around eye and lips
my day of shadows
my lost faithful life

Her gaze
the chill at her wrist

You who cure sorrow
cure joy
give windless bay
empty shores

Join dreams together
to a single reality
a longing

Where did you leave me
where did you hide me
even before you went away from me
in the days of early spring?
I left you
because you did not exist
neither in the spring's, nor in the autumn's
changing days
only when the day
was at its fairest

• • •

translated from Finland-Swedish by David McDuff

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