Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The book harvest

News of forthcoming Finland-Swedish titles this autumn: Hbl has a list of the new books, which will include Glitterscenen (Söderströms/Teos), Monika Fagerholm's sequel to her novel Den amerikanska flickan. There are also novels by Emma Juslin, Fredrik Lång and Kjell Westö, and the poetry list includes collections by Mary-Ann Bäcksbacka, Martin Enckell, Håkan Kulves, Henrika Ringbom, Peter Sandelin and Matilda Södergran.


Eric Dickens said...

Funny you should mention Matilda Södergran. The surname is, of course, memorable, but she's this month's pin-up on the Ny Tid poetry calendar. After a month of Oscar Rossi, I shall be looking at her for a month. But all I've seen of her poetry is the one prose-poem on the calendar.

Another surprise is Martin Enckell. Someone told me last year that people were trying to persuade him to return to poetry. Well, they must have succeeded.

David McDuff said...

There are quite a few reviews of Matilda Södergran's debut collection on the Web, and also one or two poems. These links - here and here - may give some idea of her work.