Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Nordic Voices in Print - New URL

The URL of the new blog has changed: it's now

And, after some wrestling with my wp.config file, it's also once again

So you can take your pick. :-)

I think that for the time being I'll maintain both versions - the one and the server-based one - and eventually one of them will be the "winner".

From the WP About page:
The general idea is to provide a space for Nordic texts (Finland-Swedish, Swedish, Icelandic, etc.) that I’ve translated over a number of years. Some have appeared in published book form, others haven’t. I had thought of reviving the old Demon site, as many of its pages are still up on the Web, isolated and unadvertised – but WordPress seemed like a more up-to-date and user-friendly way of dealing with the issue.  In particular, there are some older Bloodaxe titles that are now out of print, and WP might be one channel that could be useful for making these available again, in part or in whole. Another alternative might be to reissue the texts as e-books – but I think I prefer the less formal method of the blog, which also gives more control, potential interactivity and editing flexibility...
The first main posting is my translation of Moln (Clouds), the 1922 collection by Karin Boye.

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