Monday, 1 June 2009

Scandinavian Books

Scandinavian Books, the U.S.-based independent site which aims to make Nordic literature more widely known to an English-speaking readership, has a (fairly) recent page on translations of Iceland's modern classic author Halldór Kiljan Laxness, but mostly the site is still largely dominated by articles about Scandinavian crime authors.


Eric Dickens said...

I must say that I'd never heard of the Scandinavian Books website before. Who is the "Peter" running it? I couldn't find any biographical information on the blog itself, but judging by the copyright notice, it appears to have been around since 2007.

The only way for the balance of crime versus non-crime fiction to be redressed is for others, maybe from the UK, to start contributing. Because it has some catching up to do. The Crime section is indeed the best stocked and the Forthcoming section looks promising.

David McDuff said...

I've no idea who Peter is, Eric. Maybe Google can help?

David McDuff said...

By the way, the Scandinavian Books site is related to Nordic Book Blog, which is now in our Blog List. Apparently they started the blog in order to get more entries on Google's search engine. See their message about this.