Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Poems and noems

Courtesy of Martin Aitken over at The Interlingual Zoo, some links to online publications of Danish poetry: Calque, a companion blog to the literary magazine of the same name, has posted some of Martin's translations of poetry by Per Højholt, and World Voices, the Web-based chapbook series edited by TLR's Walter Cummins and Thomas E. Kennedy, presents an entire collection of poems by Niels Hav, in translations by P. K. Brask, Patrick Friesen and Martin Aitken.

It's encouraging to find literary blogs that make room for translations of work by Nordic writers and poets, and the two blogs mentioned above have now been added to our growing Blog List (scroll down the page to see it).


Martin Aitken said...

The World Voices chapbook includes, besides Brak & Friesen's excellent work, three of my own translations of Hav's poetry.
cheers, Martin

David McDuff said...

OK, thanks - corrected.