Thursday, 25 June 2009

E-books in Scandinavia - 2

News from Sweden that print-on-demand publisher Publit is to develop a software-based e-book reader specifically for the Swedish book market. E-books have been slow to gain acceptance in Scandinavia, even though they have been discussed for ten years now, and Publit hopes to change this.

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Eric Dickens said...

If you access the Publit blog, you can read there (4th June posting) that Svensk Bokhandel pulps (aka destroys) 3,000,000 books per year. That's rather a lot, really. Print-on-demand would indeed reduce such a pointless waste of resources. That same blog mentions advances in e-book technology in Norway. Just Google "Publit" and you'll find the Publit blogsite high up on the list.

David McDuff said...

The link to the Publit blog may as well go here.