Tuesday, 28 April 2009

ACE Cuts

Included in UK chancellor Alistair Darling's recent budget was a £4 million cut in its funding to Arts Council England for 2010/2011. The ACE has said that

we will not reduce our planned investment in the arts organisations we fund on a regular basis - many of whom have already planned against expected income in 2010/11. Instead we will reconsider our existing and planned new projects and look to find savings there.
Whether this will have an effect on the publication of new literary translations is anyone's guess, but since translation seems to occupy a low place on the list of the Council's priorities, it's not unlikely.

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Eric Dickens said...

Literary translation already appears to enjoy rather low esteem in ACE circles, unless the translations are part of a project to bolster the arts from selected countries, often outside Europe. I can't get any clear idea about what kind of literary works produced by European authors, from democratic countries with no major political problems, ACE would fund.

I believe that the two people to lobby or question are the daughter of A.S. Byatt, herself also called Antonia Byatt, and the person in charge of literary translation, Kate Griffin. But ACE, which has an Executive Board and a Council, may have changed their officers in these areas since Liz Forgan became the boss in February 2009.

The search engine on the ACE website does not give many entries when you type in "translation" or "translator". So, suffice it to say that if cuts are to be made, literary translation of contemporary European literature is likely to be one of the areas to suffer first.