Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Anti-Semitism in Norway - 2

The Jerusalem Post has republished Maya Spitzer's article in an updated version, with some of the linguistic ambiguity that characterized the article in its original form removed.

Tundra Tabloids has some interesting commentary.

Update (April 1): the Jerusalem Post article has been removed again.

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Eric Dickens said...

Why Norway? As the Jerusalem Post article points out, there are some 4.6 million Norwegians, and of those 700 are Jewish.

I think one factor that may have helped the anti-Semites is the reportage from Gaza during the recent clashes, where the role of two ultra-leftist Norwegian doctors working in the main Gaza hospital was highlighted for days on end in the international media: radical Marxist Mads Gilbert, and Erik Fosse, who had worked for the Palestine committee in the Lebanon. And these two doctors had evidently supported 9/11.

What is interesting is that during the recent Gaza conflict they were working in the same hospital where it was rumoured that Hamas command had its bunker, somewhere in the cellars of the hospital complex. But this remains rumour.

Nevertheless, after many Palestinians were killed at a market, Mads Gilbert did give interviews to the BBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, the Independent, Sky News, and the New York Times, among others, according to one website.

See the websites of www.camera.org and www.littlegreenfootbals.com for more information on Mads Gilbert of this Rødt / Red Party activist.

There was no linguistic ambiguity in what Gilbert said to the English-speaking press at the time.

Since 2001, Tromsø has evidently been twinned with Gaza City.