Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Poems - 3

By Morten Øen

as streetlamps are reflected in water the sky above us is first the
one, then the other

summer then rain. The pavements’ curves. Direction which accessible

added as real is maybe time sign. This is my name

like: Are swallows lonely
or: This is a flower made of paper

then you make it difficult again

day 1: Enrichment. You are a word
so it tears and tears. My hand against another’s, just images
cheek. Mist. 8 mm.

word against word, or

all this just because a romantic setback is exactly
like Old Friends or Child

just as text emerges from text so sound too is a string

we are 12 years old. The child is a stranger’s


seen in relation to the landscape’s size there are not many places
I have been. No one misses me

not the illusions, but ear-splitting silence is used
as in four three four

one colours. One sits and one stays sitting. One thinks that something is lacking…

translated from Norwegian by David McDuff

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