Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Poems - 1

by Morten Øen

overcome I build myths, time’s crystal wave, diverse
days’ correctness, the dream of inside, low sun, the feeling of
past, like structural elements, loved forth and earlier
seen: Towers of stone and glass. Oceans to disappear in. Forests against

I build bridges, corners of the world, all material things. My
mirror-image is: blue eyes, a wrapped-up minute, ceded warmth, and I
rise like a survivor who almost lost his chance
and you say we are bodies, breathing machines, bought time. Floating
falling. misleading


it is I or the darkness. Experimentally meet over deeper seas
the flight you catch me at time after time

and from the mouth: Like that you lose sleep, sun, loss, but are more intensely

it is here it bleeds. Ineffective in this undone attempt
obeying like neutralities, and hidden in everything that is physical


other evidence exists. Others exist
and are granted to you

inexhaustible body
possible crossing
from lifelessness to reflection
and human


I think: the Ocean’s thermohaline circulation
the weight of the trees on the forest floor

direct answers, temporary solutions

that in this swarm nothing is lost
nothing is forgotten

that from the gate to the stone stairway
it is your back that convinces

several pictures from the same time

translated from Norwegian by David McDuff

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