Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Carl O. Nordling

The Finland-Swedish historian and architect Carl O. Nordling (1919-2007) created an interesting website which is still maintained online in his memory, and also updated from time to time. The site contains numerous essays, articles and archive materials in a number of fields, including Scandinavian and Soviet history, music, literary criticism, anthropology, and Finnish and Finland-Swedish culture. Of particular interest to readers of this blog, perhaps, are the essays and reflections contained in The Finland-Swedes, a compendium of lists and writings relating to Finland-Swedish writers and artists, Finland-Swedish military men and civil servants, Finland-Swedish scientists and Finland-Swedish promoters of the Finnish language.

Among the site's more unusual offerings are a reconstruction of Stalin's speech to the Politburo of August 19, 1939 and the complete text of a book entitled Shakespeare: Who Wrote Hamlet and Why?

(Hat tip: Mari-Ann Kelam)

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