Thursday, 6 August 2009

Icelandic translation grants

The Icelandic Literature Fund (Bókmenntasjóður) is advertising again (hat tip: Sjón). This might be a good opportunity for translators who have some time to spare away from their work. There's not much time left for applications, though:

Translators in Residence/Travel Support for 2010

The Icelandic Literature Fund and The Writers´ Union of Iceland invite applications for grants for translators of Icelandic literature. Applicants selected will be granted a two to four weeks stay in Gunnarshús (The Writers´ residence in Reykjavík) in the spring or autumn 2010. The grant consists of travel expenses, housing and a sum of IKR. 20.000. pr. week - to cover living expenses during the stay.

The applications, which indicate translated works/planned translations from Icelandic should be sent no later than September 1st 2009 to The Icelandic Literature Fund, Hallveigarstöðum, Túngötu 14, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland. The result will be announced no later than October 1st.


Eric Dickens said...

I wonder how many serious and experienced literary translators there are in Britain nowadays (e.g. Vicky Cribb and David McDuff) who actually know enough Icelandic to benefit from such grants and accommodation.

Does anyone know at which British universities they still teach Icelandic (old or modern) to a level that can be a springboard for literary translators?

David McDuff said...

Leeds University (U.K.) still has a couple of courses,though Rory McTurk has retired from teaching now.