Friday, 8 May 2009

The World of Alfreð Flóki

Reykjavík Art Museum has been holding a retrospective exhibition of the work of the Icelandic graphic artist Alfreð Flóki (1938-1987). As Sjón, the exhibition's curator and organizer, says in his introduction to the catalogue,
Alfreð Flóki holds a unique place in the history of Icelandic art. He was inspired by symbolism and surrealism, theories of mystics and poets, and did not shun away from offending his countrymen with the daring ideas that those dark wells fostered.
Flóki was a good friend to many of Iceland's poets, writers and artists. I also knew him at one time, and the influence of his tragic but vital personality went far beyond the limits of the everyday. It's good to see that his work is being honoured and appreciated now.

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