Thursday, 21 May 2009

Laus Strandby Nielsen: Prose Poem

You throw a stick in the water, but it sinks to the bottom. You throw a stone that skims on the water before it sinks to the bottom. You find another stone, but see at once that it's not a stone. It is an internal organ in a relatively living creature. -- That's a lie! you say. And yes, it is, the stone is a stone, but the first stick that was the last was an internal organ inside the invisible dreaming monster you are struggling with. -- Was? Yes, precisely. The whole thing is a reconstruction. -- The whole thing? Yes, precisely. Why else would one be throwing sticks and stones in the water?

Den Fynske Forårsudstilling 2009. Catalogue. Prose Poems by Laus Strandby Nielsen.

Poem translated from Danish by David McDuff

Prose Poem
Prose Poem

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