Friday, 12 June 2009

Culture vultures

Finland's daily Helsingin Sanomat now has a "council" of 100 public figures (authors, journalists, editors, politicians, academics, professionals in the arts and sciences) whose task it is to answer a question in the newspaper on Fridays. This week's question is: "What is the best cultural event in Finland this summer?"

Answers (on a postcard?) include:

  • Michel Houellebecq (in place of Roy Orbison) at Kirjurinluoto (Juha Seppälä)

  • "A leisurely moment in a hammock stretched between two apple trees, book in hand" (Anja Snellman)

(Hat tip: Soila Lehtonen, who also answered the question.)


Eric Dickens said...

I think that the idea posited by novelist Anja Snellman (formerly: Anja Kauranen) seems the most attractive.

David McDuff said...

Soila's reply is also not bad, I think.